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your favorite and the best salon in dallas, blaine’s dallas knows that warmer day are coming so here are a few ways to keep your skin and make up in place.

start with changing your beauty routine for the spring and summer months,your skin needs less coverage during the spring so you can swap the heavy winter products for lighter ones. when making the change in beauty products keep in mind that the antihistamines in allergy medicine dry out the skin, so skip heavy foundation during allergy season, instead use a tinted moisturizer or bb cream. if you’re dedicated to your powder foundation then make the switch to mineral make up for the warmer months. mineral and sheer makeup are the way to go when it’s humid and muggy outside, you don’t want to be caked down in foundation, also don’t forget about lip care, wear lip balm or gloss with spf.


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there are thousands of recommendations on what to do and how to do your makeup, so here at blaine’s dallas with our top makeup artist we have broken down the fundamentals of  the best make up tips. contouring in the day  can be tricky to not look over done so to get a “dewy glow” use a highlighter or illuminator above your cheekbones and on the brow bone, just underneath your eyebrows will highlight your features without looking over done. warmer days in texas can leave you looking and feeling oily so to reduce unwanted shine, use a moisturizer that mattifies your skin. overdone bronzer is a nightmare for pale skin, use an illuminating cream or light powder to get a glow. keeping your eye shadow and liner in place can be hard, for long lasting true to color eye shadow use an eye shadow primer and a stay-proof eyeliner to keep your eyes looking perfect all day. glitter and shimmer can be fun but don’t forget to balance out your shimmer. if you’re doing a shimmery eye, opt for a matte lip stick. when choosing a lipstick, you just want to remember to get one that looks good with your undertones. if you have a warm undertone, then go for warmer reds, and if you have a cool undertone, then go cooler. for makeup that lasts all day and night, use a makeup-sealing product like a setting spray.

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by keeping up on these recommendations from the best salon and makeup artist in dallas, warmer days wont take toll on your makeup.