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9 to 12 months before you say i do
(call blaine’s dallas)

after you have found the perfect dress and have picked out your favorite hairstyles on pinterest, call the best salon in dallas, blaine’s dallas and set a date to make a “hair plan”. making a plan for your hair at this time not only allows you to try a new hairstyle, but if you were planning to make a major change 9 months to a year ahead of your wedding is a great time.

6 to 9 months before you say i do
(picture time)

6 to 9 months is normally the time that you send out your engagement photos, this can also be the perfect time to try your wedding day make up look. this is also around the time where you have an idea of what you’re looking for as far as wedding day hair, talk to your stylist about the look and theme of wedding. this way your stylist knows the best products to ensure that your wedding day look will last all day or night (planning ahead makes for a smoother wedding day, you can never plan to far in advance).



4 to 6 months before you say i do
  (schedule. schedule. schedule)

between your first visit and now you and your stylist should know the direction you’re going in for your wedding day look. this is the time for wedding trials. a fun fact that most brides might not think about is the style and look you might want for your wedding party, you can make a day of it and invite your maid of honor or a bridesmaid to come in with you and try a look on them as well. by doing this you will get a better picture of what your wedding day will look like, and if you schedule it on the same day as a dress fitting you will see the whole picture in one day. while your think of the special people who will be with you on your special day, if you do a head count and find out what services and times you and your wedding party want to get started the best salon in dallas, blaine’s dallas has the perfect staff to provide all of your wedding day needs.


1 month to 2 weeks before you say i do
(almost there, last minute touches)

this is the time for all touch ups hair color and haircuts should be done around this time for a natural and fresh look on your wedding day. this is also the time to confirm all appointments for yourself and your wedding party, and a helpful tip is to prepay for all your services as to save time on your wedding day. if you have requested on site services for your wedding day this is the time to make sure that your stylist have any information or directions for your wedding day (location, time, confirmed party number, etc.).



1 week to 2 days before you say i do
(the finish line)

by this time you should have a clear picture of what you’re going to look like on your big day. blaine’s dallas salon provides all of the services that it takes to make your wedding preparations run smoothly. teeth whitening only takes 30 mins and comes with an at home treatment that will last you through your honeymoon, if botox is what you need we have dr. beck who is in house every saturday, eyebrow or facial and bikini waxing ,and for a little wedding day glow we provide the best custom spray tans in dallas.