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We all know that when you leave be the best salon in dallas, blaine’s dallas you leave with fabulous flowing hair, especially when you get it curled. but when you get home and try the tricks you saw in the mirror your curls seem to fall flat. well here is a how to on making your curls last.



it all starts with a haircut

getting your hair cut is a major key in making your curls last. flat one layered, blunt haircuts make it really hard to not only get full curls because of the weight in the top part of hair press your curls flat and causes them to fall. added layers not only give you a nice full look, but help with your dead split ends. just remember that damage ends will never hold curl.

(tip: add a brazilian split end treatment to your next haircut or blow out to help mend split ends)


lighten up on the washing

you might have heard this many times before, but washing your hair everyday isn’t as healthy as you think. so lighten up on how many time you shampoo a week. if your looking to make your curls last from day to night then your hair get a little dirty.  a little dirty hair makes for the best way to hold not only curls but updo and style outs as well. its not the shampoo that keeps your hair from holding curl, it’s the conditioner. conditioner is a wonderful product because it’s job is to help with locking in moister so your hair and scalp can stay hydrated. but to much moister can make your hair heavy and heavy hair doesn’t hold curl.

(tip: try blaine’s color dry shampoo, not only will your hair have fresh smell but it wont feel dirty and added volume and body)


picking the tool that’s right for you

curling irons are for making curls.. the most important rule to curling your hair is to use a curling iron, wand, or any tool that is made for curling hair. flat irons are for straightening your hair.

heat protection

curling without a hot tool in impossible, so use a heat protectant before curling.

(tip: blaine’s color shine spray, is not only a great heat protectant but also is great for much need shine)


pin-up girl

pinning your curls up is a must for long lasting curls. why pin, you ask? by pinning each curl up you are allowing them to “set”. when your hair cools in the a curl position, it holds is form better and longer. it’s kind of like that ponytail you wear all day and when you let it down it still has the crease line.