2015 summer hair trends

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this summer we’re in for a fun yet slightly scaled back time with hair. that’s right, ladies. forget rainbow-hued locks and stick to more natural hair tones for the summer, it’s all about working with what you have. whether it be a wash-and-go hairstyle or a chic chignon, there’s something for everyone. the lob is […]

warmer weather makeup tips

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your favorite and the best salon in dallas, blaine’s dallas knows that warmer day are coming so here are a few ways to keep your skin and make up in place. start with changing your beauty routine for the spring and summer months,your skin needs less coverage during the spring so you can swap the […]

5 ways to fight the weather elements

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in everyone’s closet there are jackets for cold days, rain boots for the rain and sun block for the extra hot days. but what measures do you take to protect your hair against the weather? there are many thing you can do to have great looking hair during any weather and here are 5 ways […]

5 ways to make your blow out last

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do you ever feel like no matter how you try you just can’t get a perfect blowout anywhere, but at the top salon in dallas, blaine’s dallas in your favorite stylist’s chair. sure, blowing out your own hair is doable, and preferable for saving a few dollars, but that shine, that perfection of texture is […]

everything you need to know about spray tans

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with spring slowly but surely creeping upon us, have you given any thought to getting your sun kissed glow with a customized air brush spray tan? here at the best salon in dallas, blaine

how to keep your curls from getting out of curl-trol

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  We all know that when you leave be the best salon in dallas, blaine’s dallas you leave with fabulous flowing hair, especially when you get it curled. but when you get home and try the tricks you saw in the mirror your curls seem to fall flat. well here is a how to on […]

end of summer hair savers

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we know it’s #coldoutside, but here at blaine’s dallas the best salon in uptown we know how to heat up your winter with latest hair color and styles.


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dfw style daily

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DFW Style Daily Part 1   DFW Style Daily Part 2


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