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do you ever feel like no matter how you try you just can’t get a perfect blowout anywhere, but at the top salon in dallas, blaine’s dallas in your favorite stylist’s chair. sure, blowing out your own hair is doable, and preferable for saving a few dollars, but that shine, that perfection of texture is only available one way, here at blaine’s dallas. for most ladies, a professional blowout from one of the top stylist here at blaine’s dallas happens after a haircut or on a special occasion, only to be washed out the following day. but what if you could stretch your blowout out? what if you could get it to last three or four days? well you can. i will tell you five way to make your blow out last.

consultations are not just for getting you hair colored, talk to your stylist
let your stylist know what your plans for your hair will be. by expressing how long you are wanting your blow out to last will help your stylist know what and the amount of products they will use for your service. for example if you need a good blow out that will last for one night out on the town then a fair amount of blaine’s color product will help do the trick, but if you need your blowout to remain flowly and full of volume then the less but the best products from the blaine’s color line the better.


by knowing your hair type you will know how to take care of your blow out:
fine hair– if you have fine hair, you might fell like maintaining volume can be difficult. the best way to keep volume and fullness if to sprinkle blaine’s color texture powder at the crown of your scalp for a mush need boost, and set with a roller or click-n-curl round brush roller while you put you make up on.
thick hair– too much volume might be a problem, and no one want to look over poufy in the top, so while sleeping put you hair in a low tucked under bun, or set you rollers or click-n-curl roller more towards the ends of your hair. by using these methods and tools you will focus on weighing down the top of your hair without losing your curl and body.

showers will no long stress you out, if you do it right:
we all know those plastic shower caps are never flattering, but they work. keeping your hair dry and protected. but if shower caps aren’t your style then rolling and bobby pining your, using velcro rollers, or even click-n-curl round brushes and a slick scarf or bandana will do the trick. by using any of these items and methods you will be able to keep your blow out looking nice, with much added volume while you wash worry free.

what to do when it’s time for bed (highly important):
bed time is the worst time for any hair style, you fall asleep pretty but wake up a mess. well there are a few thing that you need in order to keep it all together. who knew that your pillow case could fight your hair at night, stay away from flannel and cotton pillow cases. you need a pillow case that breathes such as silk or jersey martial, this causes less friction when sleeping and that means no more “bed head”. not only should you pillow cases be able to breath, but the room you sleep in as well should be to hot or stuff, this cause you to over sweat and either weigh your hair down or frizz up.

blow outs don’t last forever, but here’s what you can do in your last days:
best way to refresh your blow out is with two of the best products on the market, blaine’s color dry shampoo and blaine’s color shine spray. blaine’s color dry shampoo will not only leave your hair smelling, feeling and look fresh but will give you a boost of volume. blaine’s color shine spray will being your hair back to life with much need shine for those dull looking days. braids are the best way to turn your blowout into beach waves, by braiding your hair at night and letting it down at night you can add a deep or settle wave to you hair, depending on how tight you braid you hair.