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in everyone’s closet there are jackets for cold days, rain boots for the rain and sun block for the extra hot days. but what measures do you take to protect your hair against the weather? there are many thing you can do to have great looking hair during any weather and here are 5 ways to fight 5 elements.

cold: cold, crisp air can cause hair to dry out and become brittle. it can also lead to static strands, so make sure to keep them moisturized. if you notice an excess of static, you can rub the dryer sheet on to a boar bristle hairbrush before you brush your hair. (be sure to find dryer sheets that don’t conflict with your perfume or unscented ones because the scent will linger on your hair.) another tip is to dry your hair fully after washing with blaine’s color sulfate free shampoo during the colder months, as wet hair is more prone to breakage.

wind: while winds-wept hair can have a perfectly tousled effect, wind-blown hair is a totally different story. too much exposure to those breezy fall days can increase tangles and knots, leading to unruly hair. quick fix: tuck your hair in your sweater until you get in doors, or go for a classic look and use a silk scarf as a head wrap.
humidity: the more water vapor there is in the air, the more humid it will be. excessive humidity is uncomfortable and takes a toll on hair. humid weather causes strands to absorb more moisture and can actually look of your hair.
one way to tame the effects of humidity, and the frizz that often comes with it, is to use the correct products. blaine’s color smooth reaction, is developed for curly or frizzy hair that need to be smoothed and still have a tremendous amount of fullness and body. by using smooth reaction your hair will then lay smoothly instead of flying upward and out of control. bonus: hitting your locks with a blast of cold air from your dryer after styled will also make it look shinier and sleeker!

rain: rain often has similar frizz-ifying effects, and it can also cause hair to flatten out and become limp. to keep hair looking smooth post-rain the best hair stylist in dallas, blaine’s dallas stylist suggests hydrating your hair prior to exposure, so the moisture from the rain doesn’t move up your strands. by using blaine’s color daily conditioner, not only will your hair be fully protected and hydrated, you hair will have a healthy look and feel that will last for days. if you’re afraid of limp, lifeless hair, try a sleek up-do such as a bun or a low-maintenance braided look and carry a comb in your purse just in case.
sun damage: if your hair feels out of control or lackluster after a summer of sun exposure and dry weather, i suggest undoing some of the damage by returning moisture and nutrients to your tresses. try blaine’s color argan oil, a deep penetrating fast absorbing treatment for all types of hair. you will want to use it every time you wash your hair before using your blow-dryer. blaine’s color argan oil will not only help protect your hair from the hash feeling you can get from sun exposure, but you will feel and see an incredible shine and smooth silk like hair.