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this summer we’re in for a fun yet slightly scaled back time with hair.
that’s right, ladies. forget rainbow-hued locks and stick to more natural hair tones
for the summer, it’s all about working with what you have. whether it be a wash-and-go hairstyle or a chic chignon, there’s something for everyone.

the lob is still going strong
everyone is catching on to the lob, it almost has an a-line feel to it, a little higher in the back and coming down the front. as you know, fashion and style recycles every 20 years, so if you turn the clock back to the late 1990’s, then flash forward to 2015 and see we’ve kind of taken the lob from that naturalness to something more edgier.

more polish and tamed, over the overly messy boho look
this summer everyone has definitely taken a step back from the boho, hippie, beachy, mermaid type hair styles, that’s a little too destructured and unkept. instead, it’s all about looking groomed and polished. the trend of hot rollers and round brush sets like the click-n-curl are returning, where ladies are setting their hair and brushing it out so it has more volume, and a natural kind of structure, that’s less busy, less complicated, and less messy. people want to look a little more styled and put together.

forgo the ombre
the ombre look kind of died out — it looks a little dated now. instead, go for highlights that frame the face, or baby lights. you will still see root at the top of the head and crown of the head, but there’s a lot more brightness around the face, so you’re not seeing a disconnect in the fading, but a moved up of natural tones around your face.

one dimensional isn’t just basic anymore
one-dimensional, by definition, means shallow, surface level, lacking in depth. in other words, it’s not a word we usually throw around as a compliment. but forget all that, because the prettiest colors for the summer are rich, impactful and, yes one-dimensional.